Hotel Manisha International : Banquet

Hotel Manisha International has banquet space. It has a combined capacity of serving 500 guests. The banquet hall is multifunctional contemporary and suitable for weddings, events, birthday etc.

Conferences, Meetings and Events:-

Our conference and meeting room facilities give you the time and space to think, deliberate and relax without pressure.

Hotel Manisha International offers multifunctional conferences and meeting rooms for up to 300 persons as well as business centre and secretarial services. The rooms are air conditioned, sound equipped and offer wireless internet.

According to your needs we arrange coffee breaks, buffet lunch or dinner. Welcome drinks and other special requests.

We Provide:

  • Conference, business meetings, various events.
  • Complimentary wireless internet access.
  • Enhanced fresh air conditioning.
  • Flexible lighting
  • Breakout refreshment area
  • On site car and parking available

Don’t hesitate contact us any time for more information.